The Project
The Project
Merits of the project
Merits of the project

The Project - WP 2 – Dissemination of the project

WP 2 - Dissemination of the project


The objective of the HIALINE project is to present to allergists and atopic patients an updated information and forecast on allergen/pollen exposure. This can be split in different ways: scientific dissemination, health authorities dissemination, and public dissemination.

UNIFI will coordinate the work package dissemination, but every partner must realize the national dissemination. This national dissemination will be done for the different actors (medical, authorities and public). It will be by participation in national congresses, articles in scientific journals, national reviews and dissemination to the public by radio, TV, newspapers and the stakeholders own websites. The HIALINE project will implement its own website to present the project, the partners and the progress in the project. At the international level, UNIFI with the help of different partners of the project:
•  will present communication and posters to the main aerobiology and allergy congresses,
•  will present articles for publication in scientific review on aerobiology, allergy and epidemiology,
•  will work with EAN website to present updated bulletins on

All the dissemination will start during the first pollen season of the project and will finish after the end of the project. The final objective of the dissemination is also to permit to all partners to present the new knowledge. This will be transferred along the project and will assist the future evolution of the partners work and increase information on allergic disease. Other member states of the EU not included in our consortium will be reached through the organizations used for dissemination.  All European allergists are connected to the EAACI (European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology) and their local pollen flight networks. These networks are all included in our dissemination plan. Thus our data is made available actively to these networks and will be disseminated across Europe. Indeed, everybody involved in pollen counts has access to the EAN Database (European Aeroallergen Network), where our results will be posted. In addition, stakeholders will distribute our results freely, also across borders.

Workpackage description

Website dissemination:
Through European Aeroallergen Network (, which is a partner. Also through Spain ( and aeaind.html), UK (, Portugal (, Switzerland (, Germany (, Finland (, Poland (, Italy (

National meetings:
Partners will present HIALINE at their national meetings and organize demonstrations for the national aerobiology networks, aerobiology society meetings or allergy meetings.

Demonstration sites:
Partners will invite representatives of the health ministries (and other competent authorities) to visit their demonstration site. They will inform them about the progress of the project and the opportunity to fully integrate HIALINE in the national or regional pollen detection programs.
Media work and press release: articles in International Aerobiology Association newsletter, and media work  to reach the European atopic individual.

Will be yearly informed about the progress of HIALINE in the form of our annual report.

Scientific and technical articles will be published by each university partner in both medical and environmental journals, such as Aerobiologia, Grana and medical journals like Allergy and/or others. Patient organizations of the member states (for instance Asthme et Allergie,, France; Deutscher Allergie- und Asthmabund e.V. (, Germany, FEDERASMA ONLUS (, Italy; Lungenunion (, Austria and many others will be informed.

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